Anycam.iO - IP camera software, easy MJPEG, RTSP and ONVIF viewer and recorder

IP Camera Software,

Anycam.iO - IP camera software, easy MJPEG, RTSP and ONVIF viewer and recorderAnycam.iO - IP camera software, easy MJPEG, RTSP and ONVIF viewer and recorder

Compatible With Any IP Camera!

ANYCAM [desktop application]

The most flexible IP camera viewer

Supports ANY IP Camera

with MJPEG / H.264 / MPEG-4 / RTSP / RTMP stream

Video recording on motion detection

Video Archive Player

ONVIF Compliant

Anycam.iO - IP camera software, easy MJPEG, RTSP and ONVIF viewer and recorder

Easy to start

Press "Add Camera" button


Set camera IP address


Wait for a while...


Setup is over!


Easy to use

Click and view

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Anycam.iO - IP camera software, easy MJPEG, RTSP and ONVIF viewer and recorder

Full functionality

Video data record & view

Free updates

View and Record a Live Stream

AnyCam is a user-friendly and effective software solution whose main purpose consists of offering you the ability to monitor multiple IP cameras simultaneously, handy for surveillance reasons, in particular.

Video Archive Playback

You can play the recordings stored on your computer or shared network drive.

Easy to Setup, Easy to Use

To add a new camera to AnyCam, you need only input the IP address or the domain name, the port number being optional. Aside from that, there are no other configuration options. You can then click ‘Save’ and the tool will attempt to stream the images captured by your device, enabling you to view them on your computer.

AnyCam Core Features

The application features a clean and intuitive user interface, its straightforward functionality posing little to no difficulty in working with, from the first run.

The main window of AnyCam displays currently connected devices and allows you to add new ones, the only required information being the IP address of the camera.

The Main Features of AnyCam:

  • Supports ONVIF / MJPEG / RTSP (H.264 / H.265 / MPEG-4) stream cameras;
  • Cameras are organized in tiles and could be viewed individually, in windowed-mode or full screen;
  • Dynamically indexes and plays video archive;
  • Works on Windows platform


See how easy it is to connect an IP camera to the AnyCam app.
The demonstration uses a publicly available camera installed to monitor traffic in Ontario, Canada.

Camera address
Video stream is broadcasted in MJPEG


The demonstration uses a publicly available camera installed in Rendsburg, Germany.

Camera address
Video stream is broadcasted in MJPEG

DEMO: Connecting a camera using RTSP

The demo uses a public camera installed on a boat ramp in Lakewood, USA.

Camera address
Video stream is broadcasted in H.264


What Our Users Say

I have been testing about 10 different IP Camera Software and yours is hands down the best!

David SmithCanada

A great piece of software

Terry MillerAustralia

I love anycam it has to be the essayist to setup cameras on


I am pretty happy with this product.

John ApostoliDenmark

FYI, great product!

Jeffrey SchwartzkopfUSA

I’d like to point that you have a great software, clean and efficient, and it was the only one that worked with my chinese generic cameras

Rafael Cantagalli de SouzaBrazil

I very much like the look of the product. I have an old Tenvis camera and it works fine.

Michael PowellUnited Kingdom

I love the program, nice job writing the code. God bless you. I find the program a 5-star *****

Robert GauthierUSA

You guys are great.

David M. ClarkUnited Kingdom

I love simplicity of your software.

Oguz Turkey

I just purchased your Pro version of any cam, and I would like to say it does everything I could hope for.
Fantastic program.

Chuck JasephUSA

I’ve purchased Anycam and have found it very handy to view my IP camera streams.

Matt BerryNew Zealand

I think your software is great

Gordon Kearns Canada

Love the product


Thanks for the great app. I really enjoy using it.

Sasan MehrabiCanada

Great program and easy to setup

Des HeardUnited Kingdom

I love your product, it justs keep getting better, faster, smoother and You have killer App.

Steven MartinUSA

I am a licensed user of AnyCam and enjoy your product very much.

Marshall HorwitzUSA

Thanks for your product. The output is great and works exactly as I want them to.

Adam SweeneyAustralia

Very nice software!

Patricio VeltriSpain

Your UI is pretty clean and simple. Keep it like that!

Javid NiaUSA

I think AnyCam is very useful for light user for monitoring CCTV.

Melvin JiCanada

This is very nice software and easy to set up.

Bill DingasUSA

Really easy to use software. The application easily discovered and connected my home cameras.

Roshni DasIndia

I have installed this program after install many (more than 20) and now i can see my chinese camera.

Santiago PollakChile

I did install the free version of anycam, and it works fine. Very easy to setup and add a new camera. Great program!

Aerts ErikBelgium

It’s all good! I think you have the basis of a great product!

Mike McCordUSA

I like your software!

Marco RassuThailand


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