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    Larry T

    If what you are calling Media Player Сlassic and is a program that you installed that is part of Media Player Codec Pack 4.5.2 and is shown as MPC-HC (nightly, 64-bit) then yes the video will play with that.
    As for VLC, can’t say, I don’t have VLC installed on that PC, nor does it have 5KPlayer, I have those programs on another PC and both will play Anycam recorded video files.
    And as for Windows Media Player that is correct the video still won’t play on that.


    Support Team

    Does Anycam work correctly on another PC?
    What operating system is installed on this computer?


    Larry T

    Don’t shoot the messenger!
    I have found that 2 of my 5 cameras will play back the video files from within Anycam playback and WMP.
    Both of them are Trendnet cams, one of which you had written a new software program for on 11-18-2018 so Anycam would allow it to installed.
    Any ideas on why the problem still exists with the other 3 cams?
    Let me know if you need any other info from this end.
    So enough of this fun for 1 day, it’s 2am here and I need some sleep, I will tackle it again tomorrow, can’t think of anything I would rather do on X-Mas day :-(


    Larry T

    I am currently at my winter home and have Anycam installed on 2 of the PC’s here and neither will playback the recordings thru Anycam playback.
    I also have Anycam installed on 1 of my PC’s at my summer home but can’t say if the recording feature works there, I never tried it and won’t know until I return there in May.
    Both computers here are running Windows 7 Pro 64-bit OS
    I now have VLC installed on both PC’s and the videos play fine with VLC, but not with Windows Media Player.
    Given the fact that Anycam will play back the recordings from the 2 Trendnet cams, but not from the other 3 cameras what can we do to get those working?
    2 of the cameras are:
    EnGenius brand, model EDS5110

    EnGenius model EDS5255

    The other 1 is a ShieldEye model RSCM-121001W made by Rosewill
    There is no user manual for the EDS2110, I have one for the EDS5255, they are very similar models,
    I also have one for the RSCM-121001W.
    I will send you a copy of the owners manuals for the cams hoping it will help.
    Beyond that we could do another TeamViewer session if that would help?
    Let me know what you think.


    Support Team

    To solve the problem quickly, we decided to add the option “Do not convert video file”, in this case the entire video archive will be stored in the mpeg-ts format. We need a couple of days to make changes and test. I will place the link to the updated assembly in this thread.

    The reason why video is played from some cameras is that these cameras are connected via MJPEG, the mechanism for recording from such cameras is implemented differently. Apparently, the key to correcting the defect we need to look for is in the differences between the recording scenarios.


    Support Team

    Here are the links to the updated version of the application: (x86) (x64)

    Now video conversion is enabled by default.
    To turn it off, open the application properties panel and turn off the corresponding option on the Advanced tab.


    Larry T

    It took some time to get to this point and I have say congratulations, job well done.
    With I am now able to record and view playback the MP4’s with Anycam on all of my cameras.
    Given that the conversion process didn’t allow playback of the ts or mp4 files with Anycam player on my system I question why is video conversion enabled by default and why give the option to convert to a ts file rather than just using mp4 without converting it, because in the conversion process it disabled the ability of the mp4 to play?
    Do some users prefer the conversion to ts, if so why?
    Are there some systems using Anycam that don’t have a problem with the ts conversion and playback, or do I have a peculiar system that doesn’t allow it?
    On December 26th you stated “The reason why video is played from some cameras is that these cameras are connected via MJPEG, the mechanism for recording from such cameras is implemented differently”.
    Well that would account for my 2 Trendnet cameras but why am I still having a problem with the other 3 that are RTSP / ONVIF cameras if I leave the convert option checked?
    The software is an all or none proposition, not able to specify which cams will or won’t convert?
    With the option unchecked I have MP4 playback from all of my cameras.
    Please provide clarity for my questions, I realize there are many but I would like to understand.
    So again, I want to Thank You for all of the effort you put into resolving my video playback problem.


    Support Team

    Thank you, Larry, for your patience and help.

    We are glad that we managed to find a workaround to solve the problem you found.

    About your questions.
    The fact is that the MP4 format is only a container in which you can put video and audio data encoded by different codecs.
    When recording a video stream from the MJPEG camera, such a file is created immediately. Taking into account the small load that such cameras create on the CPU, the application has time to add a new frame to the file when it appears. It uses the MPEG-4 codec.
    The situation is different with RTSP cameras. The data stream is quite intensive, so the application first writes raw data using the mpeg2video codec for video and mp2 for audio, and then converts in the background using the H264 codec for video and mp3 for audio. The container is still MP4, so it seems that the file format is the same. For some unknown reason, we can’t correctly install the H264 codec on your PC, so the converted files are not viewed.

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