2024 May 27th — Version

new — added the possibility to sort video clips on the video archive page
fixed — fixed error of camera connection via ONVIF protocol
fixed — fixed an error occurring when remotely viewing cameras with high frame rate

2024 April 8th — Version

new — added support for Milesight, Q6 Wifi Smart Camera, Jooan cameras
new — added possibility to set duration of motion detection
fixed — fixed a bug with recording of all cameras in case of launching the application with the -v switch
fixed — fixed a bug with connection failure with the cloud for remote camera viewing

2024 February 9th — Version

new — added support for Hanwha cameras,
new — added function of displaying the lower toolbar in the full window mode by clicking on the camera image
fixed — bug of audio stream broadcasting when connecting a camera in ONVIF mode
fixed — fixed a bug that prevented the application from launching at Windows startup
improved — archive limitation is now based on the creation date of the recorded file
improved — automatically deleted outdated video files are now moved to trash garbage can
fixed — bug in remote media receiver availability check, now connection is resumed by timeout, no need to restart application
improved — updated log4net library, which was causing false positives in antivirus software

2023 November 17th — Version

new — in the RTSP-cameras settings panel added the ability to select the transport protocol of media data transmission — UDP or TCP

2023 November 8th — Version

fixed — bug fix in motion detection algorithm for cameras with low resolution

2023 November 5th — Version

improved — added output of MAC-address for found IP-addresses on the page of adding cameras

2023 October 30th — Version

new — added function of saving images when motion detection,
new — added the ability to reflect the image from the camera,
new — added support for several new cameras,
new — added to the camera settings panel to calculate the approximate amount of memory that a particular length of video archive will take up,
new — added support for audio track playback via ONVIF protocol,
new — added explanation panel for quick remote access setup,
fixed — French translation errors corrected

2023 May 30th — Version

improved — algorithm for connecting cameras via UDP protocol

2023 April 28th — Version

new — INSTAR camera support added,
fixed — fixed the bug of protocol switching from TCP to UDP

2023 April 8th — Version

fixed — added remote access availability check

2023 March 19th — Version

new — remote access to live video from connected cameras,
new — enabling the sound on the main page,
new — enabling video recording for all cameras on the main page,
fixed — a bug on the video archive page when switching between recordings,
fixed — errors in broadcasting the stream from the USB cameras to YouTube / Facebook,
fixed — bug with absence of sound signal on motion detection,
improved — multi-threading for long procedures has been implemented

2022 December 5th — Version

new — USB camera connection is now supported,
fixed — eliminated a bug causing doubling of the number of connected cameras at start of RDP session,
improved — checking of audio device presence was implemented,
improved — implemented a mechanism to restore the configuration file config.xml in case of damage

2022 September 23rd — Version

fixed — bug related to language change for the application without connected cameras,
improved — mechanism for stopping the application when the PC goes to sleep mode,
improved — removed the activation of the main window when the camera is connected

2022 September 5th — Version

new — a mechanism for restarting the application in case of crash was implemented,
fixed — bug in the mechanism of checking the availability of the path specified by the user through the RTSP protocol

2022 August 12th — Version

new — using the GPU to process the video stream,
improved — mechanism for sending images to the Telegram bot,
improved — mechanism for searching and connecting UDP cameras

2022 July 29th — Version

improved — improved application stability, reduced resource consumption,
fixed — bug causing the sound to mute,
fixed — bug causing loss of connection with the chatbot

2022 June 1st — Version

improved — significant redesign of the video processing engine, reducing resource requirements,
new — support for fisheye lenses, fixed — the defect in the scheduled recording function has been eliminated

2022 April 4th — Version

new — implemented sending notifications of motion detection to the Telegram bot new — added a screen blink switch when motion is detected improved — sensitivity of motion detector is improved, false alarms are excluded

2022 February 20th — Version

new — the ability to set a password for remote camera viewing from the Telegram bot improved — optimized the initialization process of the connection with the camera, reduced connection time

2022 January 17th — Version

new — startup options added:

  • -v — only the camera view function is available to the user
  • -d n — allowable timeout of network connection before forced disconnection to the camera, milliseconds

new — added warning message about low hard drive capacity improved — added ability to view inactive cameras via @AnycamBot

2022 December 30th — Version

improved — integration with Telegram (@AnycamBot) for remote camera access fixed — the problem of configuration doubling when connecting to a PC via RDP has been solved

2021 November 1st — Version 2.10.4

fixed — algorithm for checking the duration of the video archive fixed — algorithm for scaling motion detection zones when changing camera resolution fixed — eliminated memory leaks that occurred during recording of the video stream improved — changed the layout of the buttons on the video archive page

2021 October 4th — Version 2.10.3

fixed — youtube streaming mechanism has been updated fixed — deleting temporary files after converting a recorded video stream new — startup options added:

  • -a camera_id — launches the video archive page for the specified camera
  • -e — the application does not prevent the PC from going into standby mode
  • -h — launches applications in the system tray

2021 August 23rd — Version 2.10.2

improved — the video buffering mechanism was implemented to eliminate gaps between video clips fixed — critical bugs in the video recording mechanism

2021 July 1st — Version 2.10.0

new — added support for sensitivity zones for motion detection, new — audio notification when motion is detected, new — auto-update feature added, new — ability to direct the video stream to custom services, new — mirroring of the picture when the image from the camera is rotated 180 degrees, new — option to start in the system tray was added in the application options (the start argument for the command line -h), new — support of hotkeys (Enter, Tab, Space, Backspace, Esc, F1) is implemented, fixed — defect when streaming H.265 on YouTube and Facebook, fixed — defect that prevented streams connected via HTTPS with invalid SSL certificate from being broadcasted,

2020 November 9th — Version 2.9.2

improved — redesigned motion detection engine

2020 September 9th — Version 2.9.1

new — added buffering of several seconds of video until motion is detected new — added image rotation in recorded video when camera is installed at an angle new — added the ability to set the folder for storing screenshots fixed — errors related to video recording and stream processing

2020 January 5th — Version 2.8.1

new — added ability to set video clip size fixed — errors related to motion detection on MJPEG cameras

2019 September 7th — Version 2.8.0

new — added the ability to minimize the application to tray when closing improved — redesigned video recording engine improved — optimized algorithm for processing incoming media streams improved — expanded functionality for creating a recording schedule fixed — errors that occurred when creating screenshots on cameras with a rotated angle fixed — errors saving settings that occured when changing the language

2019 June 20th — Version 2.7.2

new — added option to temporarily disable camera connection

2019 June 4th — Version 2.7.1

new — added support for Brazilian Portuguese in user interface improved — enhanced recording schedule job functionality

2019 May 22nd — Version 2.7.0

new — added support for Finnish in the user interface new — Facebook streaming function added

2019 April 23rd— Version 2.6.2

new — added support for French, Italian, and Chinese in the user interface

2019 March 11th— Version 2.6.1

new — added support for German, Dutch and Russian in the user interface

2019 January 25th — Version 2.6.0

new — added the ability to schedule video recording new — added magnifiers on the Live View and Archive pages

2018 December 21st — Version 2.5.0

new — added the function of broadcasting a video stream from an IP camera on YouTube new — Cisco camera support added new — EasyN camera support added new — Szsinocam camera support added improved — added animated hiding of the top toolbar in fullscreen mode improved — improved automatic camera search fixed — defects with the timeline on the video archive page fixed — bug with unexpectedly lost sound

2018 August 16th — Version 2.4.5

fixed — bug with cyclic interruption of MJPEG media stream processing fixed — bug with lost sound improved — optimized processing of the RTSP stream new — TP-Link NC220, 250, 450 support added new — Accfly support added new — Foscam FI9821PR, FI9900P support added new — added delay settings in Slideshow mode new — added the duration settings of the video recording in case of motion detection new — variable width and height of tiles in VideoWall and One-to-Many modes

2018 May 28th — Version 2.4.4

fixed — unstable RTMP / RTSP connection fixed — no sound after reconnection improved — application performance, reducing CPU and RAM requirements new — Slide Show mode added

2018 March 5th — Version 2.4.3

fixed — automatic recovery of MJPEG stream after connection interruption fixed — removed the screen powerdown limit improved — a video conversion script was reworked improved — general improvements on the Archive page new — the codec for MPEG-TS files added

2018 January 28th — Version 2.4.2

fixed — processing of damaged sound improved — Live View mode optimization

2018 January 25th — Version 2.4.1

fixed — corrupted video on application closing improved — Live View and video recording optimization

2018 January 21st — Version 2.4.0

improved — sound recording added fixed — bugs reported by users

2017 December 24th — Version 2.3.15

fixed — bug with low-resolution RTSP stream recording new-e option added (allows PC to power down)

2017 December 21st — Version 2.3.14

fixed — application crash while recording more than 10 cameras improved — general application refactoring

2017 August 28th — Version 2.3.13

fixed — freezing a camera image on a connection lost improved — optimization of camera image processing

2017 August 22nd — Version 2.3.12

new — video recording on motion detection fixed — broken video recording on a slow CPU

2017 August 04th — Version 2.3.11

fixed — videorecording cache overflow

2017 June 27th — Version 2.3.10

new — added application settings panel improved — optimized the process of recording video on external media

2017 May 31st — Version 2.3.9

improved — implemented the use of a GPU to process the RTSP stream improved — simultaneous recording of multiple cameras is optimized new — published 64-bit version of the application

2017 May 21st — Version 2.3.8

fixed — application error when viewing multiple video sources using the RTSP protocol fixed — hot keys did not work when viewing the video archive fixed — slowing the playback of video stream during long viewing fixed — corrupted screenshots on the archive page new — added the duration of the recording “90 days”

2017 May 4th — Version 2.3.7

fixed — fixed application failure in case of simultaneous recording of five or more RTSP streams fixed — resolved a memory leak problem during recording fixed — fixed a bug that occurred when accessing the archive in a folder with a non-English name improved — implemented a new video player on the “Archive” page

2017 April 17th — Version 2.3.6

new — RTSP / RTMP source search function is added new — hot keys Ctrl + S and Ctrl + C are added for copying and saving snapshots in live video mode new — added the duration of the recording “week” and “month”

2017 April 2nd — Version 2.3.5

improved — increased stability of the application with a large number of connected video sources

2017 March 27th — Version 2.3.4

hotfix — fixed a bug related to recording a video stream using the ONVIF protocol

2017 March 21st — Version 2.3.3

new — added the ability to adjust video recording quality fixed — fixed a bug that caused a crash on the Archive page improved — improved the function of placing tiles on the screen

2017 March 9th — Version 2.3.2

fixed — fixed MJPEG stream freezing on connection lost improved — increased connection speed to the RTSP stream new-s option added (allows image padding on “Video wall” and “One-to-Many” modes)

2017 February 23rd — Version 2.3.1

new — “Flip” button added (camera image rotation) improved — LAN scanning function

2017 January 30th — Version 2.3.0

new — added option to set the duration of the archive records new — added a search function on a local area network improved — increased search speed by IP-address new — added the ability to select a folder to save the video new — added the ability to record video in the tiles mode fixed — fixed a bug on the Archive page, related to the shift to the next day new — startup options added:

  • -t — topmost window
  • -f — fullsize
  • -r — record starts automatically
  • -u — “Read-only” mode, only view and record functions are available for user
  • -w — “Videowall” mode
  • -m — “One-to-Many” mode
  • -q — “Slideshow” mode
  • -c camera_id — starts camera with the specified identifier
  • -p x,y,width,height — defines the window position on the desktop

new — “Create shortcut” button added

2016 September 22nd — Version 2.2.12

hotfix — fixed inaccessibility of “Add Camera” page

2016 September 21st — Version 2.2.11

fixed — PTZ bug fixes and performance optimization

2016 September 13th — Version 2.2.10

new — The ability to select a profile for onvif cameras is implemented

2016 September 5th — Version 2.2.9

new — Auto update is implemented

2016 July 21st — Version 2.2.8

hotfix — Fixed bug with removing a demo camera

2016 July 7th — Version 2.2.7

new — Hiding window titlebar when inactive

2016 June 22nd — Version 2.2.6

fixed — Fixed a problem with the stability of playing RTSP-stream improved — Minor enhancements and fixes

2016 June 15th — Version 2.2.5

fixed — Fixed a problem with the stability of playing MJPEG-stream new — “Start New Window” button added

2016 June 3rd — Version 2.2.4

improved — An advanced camera search function implemented

2016 May 27th — Version 2.2.3

hotfix — Fixed a bug with RTSP stream processing

2016 May 20th — Version 2.2.2

new — Video recording function added new — “Topmost Window” mode added improved — Minor enhancements and fixes

2016 February 2nd — Version 2.2.1

new — AnyCam now supports ONVIF protocol (camera search, PTZ functionality) improved — A lot of minor enhancements and fixes

2015 December 5th — Version 2.0.2

improved — Searching media source location of a new camera. new — AnyCam now supports VStarcam and Escam cameras.

2015 November 25th — Version 2.0.1

new — Video Archive Viewer added improved — A lot of minor enhancements and fixes

2015 August 7th — Version 1.0.6

improved — .NET Framework installer included into into the setup file.

2015 July 1st — Version 1.0.5

new — RTSP/RTMP support added. new — Audio stream is now supported. new — “Full Screen” button added. fixed — “Import test cameras” incorrect behavior. improved — “Add New Camera” page is changed.

2015 April 5th — Version 1.0.4

new — “Video wall” and “One-to-many” view modes are added. new — “Direct link” mode on “Adding new camera” page. new — Tiles drag & drop functionality. new — “Import test cameras” button on main page. fixed — an issue with NEW sticker position on the tiles. fixed — modal error message when retrieving MJPEG stream.

2015 February 23rd — Version 1.0.3

improved — Static images on the tiles are replaced with live video stream. improved — Added splash screen on startup. fixed — Fixed memory leaks problem.

2015 January 29th — Version 1.0.2

improved — Added “Save screen-shot” button.

2015 January 19th — Version 1.0.1

fixed — Fixed issues with Panasonic MJPEG frames with corrupted header. new — AnyCam now supports HikVision IP cameras.

2014 December 1st — Version 1.0.0

new — The first version of AnyCam.